Water sports in New Caledonia


water sports

New Caledonia has so many beautiful things in abundance, and one of them is water. Tourists and residents take advantage of the ample supply of sea, lakes in Noumea’ bay, rivers and lagoon to engage in exciting water sports.

The warm lagoon and its beautiful underwater splendors make the island nation the perfect spot for scuba-diving, snorkeling, kayaking, fishing, and sailing. New Caledonia has a water sport for everyone whether young or old, amateur or pro.

There are Plenty of water sports training schools in the bay areas to assist interested novices in getting the hang of any sports of their choice and plenty of friendly locals and tourist to learn one or two things from.  If you want to bet on water sports, use a MyBookie promo code.

Scuba diving:

New Caledonia is not just beautiful on the surface, but its underwater world is as fascinating as the world above. With water that remains warm all year-round, there are some exceptional diving sites just waiting for you to explore. New Caledonia remains one of the least explored regions in the Southern Pacific.


One of the best thing about kayaking in New Caledonia especially for learners is that you can explore without facing the turbulent waves of the ocean. Rowing your light watercraft slowly along the Dumbéa or Ouenghi river, or along the serene lake of the Blue-River Park, you can be gradually initiated into the beautiful art of rowing without fear.

For those with the cravings and skills to handle wilder destinations, the Forgotten Coast is the place for them. Remote and only accessible by sea, this dense part of the eastern coast of New Caledonia is perfect for experienced and courageous explorers.


New Caledonia offers about 370km of an exclusive fishing area, and the region is ranked among the top 5 sites for fly-fishing in the world. For fishing fans, Lake Yate located just about 30 minutes away from Noumea in the Deep South, is a vast reservoir for fishing for brown trout and black bass. Species such as the grouper, dogtooth tuna, and wahoo can be found in the abundance of reef and corals around Noumea.

The region is an excellent destination for fly-fishing, deep-sea fishing, and underwater spearfishing both in the north and south.


Surfing enthusiasts will find a perfect spot to catch the waves up north at Roche Percée not far from Bourail or at Ouano, just one-hour drive from Noumea.

Although Surfing in New Caledonia is not as great as in other Southern Pacific Islands due to the lesser reliability of swells and remoteness of breaks which only exist along the fringing barrier reef and can only be accessed by boat.

Windsurfing & Kite Surfing

Anse Vata Beach is quite popular among windsurfing enthusiasts as a great place to learn windsurfing with its protected bay and good afternoon winds. Isle Maître, a ten-minute boat ride from the Noumea harbor is the place for more experienced windsurfers and kite surfers it has fantastic winds, especially from May to October.

Find out more about the four biggest sporting events in New Caledonia, or read about some other sports played here.

Last modified: 20 December 2019

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