4 Travel Apps to Download if You Want to Visit New Caledonia

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Travel is something we love to do, even though it has been challenging lately. When traveling, we tend to use our phones to entertain ourselves, particularly on long trips. Some people are more on the side of watching YouTube clips endlessly, while others who enjoy sports often use Matchbook Bonus Code.

Since we rely on smartphones so much, we tend to use them far too often. However, they can be used to our benefit, by downloading the right applications. Visiting a new place, an island even, like the Loyalty Islands, or New Caledonia, as it is known, can be daunting. With the right travel apps, you can make your visit to New Caledonia much better. Here are the apps to download.

Google Maps

When traveling, nothing beats Google Maps. They offer a complete and comprehensive overview of any urban area you might want to visit. With anything from traffic congestion and live updates, this application can help you navigate your way through anything, including a remote archipelago in the South Pacific. 

As with most maps applications, you can download the maps and have them accessible for offline use, which is recommended when traveling abroad. A good alternative to this application is Maps.me, one which strictly works by downloading offline maps. While it does not have the updates that Google Maps have, it is a decent alternative for offline travel.


Reviews are necessary to make sure we get the right product or service for us. However, reviews are also necessary so that you don’t make a mistake and get a product or service which is horrible, something more important when you are abroad. When visiting foreign countries, the tourist often stands out and will be the target of various scams.

Knowing which restaurants, hotels and hostels to visit is a must whether you are traveling to a remote archipelago or a popular destination such as Paris, France. Read reviews and get informed ahead of making a choice.


Accommodation is necessary and we don’t always have to stay at an expensive hotel or a hostel where we compromise on something.

Airbnb is best used to find a type of accommodation that suits our plans and lifestyle, from grandparents on vacation to outgoing individuals who prefer something closer to the night clubs. It is a great application for New Caledonia and the rest of the world.

Google Translate

Translation is necessary from time to time. The good thing about New Caledonia is that the official language is French, which most applications can translate. Google Translate happens to do it the best, which is why you should have it downloaded, as well as the languages that you plan on using, so that the app doesn’t have to connect to the internet to work properly. 

Visiting New Caledonia can be an amazing experience, an entire archipelago ridden with beautiful beaches and sights. With these applications, you can turn that experience into something more pleasant, with less of a hassle.

Last modified: 14 January 2022

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