What to Pack for Your New Caledonia Vacation


Traveling to exotic locations is a wonderful way to spend your summer. One of the most beautiful destinations you can visit is New Caledonia. This is a French territory that consists of multiple islands filled with gorgeous beaches. Much like Cricket Betting in the sports betting world, New Caledonia is not a destination that immediately comes to mind when you think about summer vacation, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t amazing. So, here is a little guide on what you should pack in order to get the best experience out of your New Caledonia Vacation. 

Items You Need for the Beach

You will likely spend most of your days sunbathing at one of the beaches which is why you need to definitely bring your sunscreen and swimsuit. You should also bring gear for snorkeling as this is one of the most popular activities. The massive reef that surrounds the islands is rich with marine life so you get to enjoy the underwater beauty by snorkeling. 

Hiking gear

One of the most popular tourist attractions or the activity here is hiking at Ouen Toro. This is great for those who love to enjoy nature, give their muscles a good stretch, and spend their time surrounded by scenic vistas. This is also a great place for nature photography, so if you have a professional camera and work with stock photos, don’t miss out on the opportunity to capture some of the most breathtaking landscapes. 


Even if you are not a professional photographer you will still want to capture some amazing moments during your vacation in New Caledonia. Nowadays, phone cameras can create good quality pictures during the day, so that will also do in this case. You will be able to learn a lot about the history of this place at the Museum of New Caledonia, and there will be some interesting exhibits that you might want to capture with your camera. The same goes for another museum called the Maritime Museum of New Caledonia and it holds thousands of antiquities that date back to the La Perouse expedition. 

Finally, you will need your camera for the number one tourist attraction and that is Nouméa Lagoons Aquarium. Everything you don’t get to see while snorkeling will probably be here. Freshwater species, nocturnal marine creatures, crustaceans, giant shrimp, and much more awaits those who visit this aquarium. 

Other Travelling Items

Finally, remember to take all of the other items that you take with you when you travel. Cash that you can exchange for local currency, stomach medicine, hand sanitizer, flashlight, book, a deck of cards, or anything else you think won’t be available at a general store if you need it. Also, remember to take a power adapter so that you can charge your phone and earplugs if you need absolute silence for sleeping. Another important item is bug repellant, you want to avoid getting bitten by a mosquito at a destination like this one, as you might contract a disease that you are not immune to. 

Last modified: 24 February 2021

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