The Best Places to Eat in Nouméa, New Caledonia


It is amazing how diverse the cultures around the world can be, and even though it is practically impossible to get to know them all, it is still very fun to try and do it. If traveling is your hobby, you are very well aware of how interesting it can get, and how many new things you can experience, from seeing wonderful landscapes to meeting great and hospitable people. One of the things that people all around the world take great pride in is their cuisine; some of them you have experienced, but there is still plenty to discover, and it is easier to go about it if you know where to look. Without further ado, here are the best places you can go to eat when you visit New Caledonia.

Le Faré du Palm Beach

Not everyone is open to trying new food, which is why you need to know where to look for something familiar, and this 30-year-old café is just the place. They are famous for their European-style food, and they change their menu every week so that you can try something new every time you visit. It is only open from Tuesday to Friday, so make sure you plan your meals accordingly.

Le Roof

This restaurant reflects the turbulent history of the island. It is located in a bungalow, and it features a mix of French and native cuisine, including a wonderful view; you can often see fish and dolphins swimming by. From foie gras to crawfish, this restaurant has it all.


L’Hippocampe combines the best of both worlds to give you an exclusive and luxurious dining experience. They use exclusively local produce to prepare the finest classic French dishes that are famous all over the world, thus supporting the local fishermen and farmers, as well as giving an air of elegance to the island cuisine.

A la Vieille France

This little bakery is the oldest one in Nouméa, and it is known all over the island for its beautiful and delicate food. They offer delightful pastries, croissants, delicious artisan bread, and one of the world’s most popular desserts –macarons. You will get the idea of how famous the bakery is when you discover that over 20 kilograms of croissants alone are sold every single day. They also produce chocolates, and you must try their heart-shaped Coeurs de Voh, modeled after a real location in New Caledonia.

La Pirogue

Another elegant establishment on this list, La Pirogue only serves seafood. Combined with a gorgeous view of the famous New Caledonian lagoon, their seafood cuisine is one of the best you will ever try. Whether you opt for the seafood casserole, tuna tartar, or prawns with pineapple, you are sure to be amazed by the taste.

Last modified: 17 December 2020

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