Islands That Resemble New Caledonia and Are Worth Exploring


While New Caledonia is a true natural wonderland worth visiting, there are several similarly breathtaking islands scattered around the globe waiting to be explored. Join us as we uncover the hidden gems that resemble New Caledonia and the unique features that make them worth visiting.


First on our list is the enchanting archipelago of Fiji, located in the South Pacific. Much like New Caledonia, the islands of Fiji boast crystal-clear turquoise waters and pristine beaches that will take your breath away. The islands are an exotic blend of rugged landscapes, tropical rainforests, and coral reefs, where you can swim with graceful manta rays and interact with friendly locals.

Don’t miss out on exploring the idyllic islands of Nadi and Mamanuca. Nadi is the gateway to Fiji and boasts stunning parks, markets, and traditional villages. On the other hand, Mamanuca is a chain of 20 small islands known for its awesome surfing spots and coral reef snorkeling, offering a true taste of paradise.


Next on our list is the Indonesian island of Bali. Located in the westernmost end of the Lesser Sunda Islands, Bali is the ultimate tropical mecca for travelers seeking adventure, relaxation, and spirituality. Its unique blend of natural beauty and cultural charm makes it a perfect match for New Caledonia.

Much like New Caledonia, Bali has beautiful beaches and breathtaking natural landscapes. Discover the iconic rice fields in the Ubud region or marvel at the lush greenery in the Besakih Temple. Don’t forget to explore the vibrant cultural heart of Bali, with its bustling markets, art galleries, and traditional dances.


Let’s make our way to the Land of Aloha, where the islands of Hawaii await. Hawaii comprises a chain of volcanic islands in the central Pacific Ocean, best known for its rugged landscapes, aloha spirit, and world-class surfing.

Kauai is an island that closely resembles New Caledonia. Known as the Garden Island, it boasts a lush rainforest, majestic mountains, and stunning beaches. Here, you can experience a Jurassic Park-like adventure and explore the 17-mile Na Pali Coast. For thrill-seekers, get ready to surf the famous waves at Hanalei Bay, ranked as one of the best surf spots in the world.


Last but not least, let’s explore the mesmerizing island of Mauritius located in the Indian Ocean. Known as the Paradise Island, it offers a colorful blend of cultures, pristine beaches, and laidback lifestyle.

Much like New Caledonia’s Heart of Voh, Mauritius has an iconic natural landmark, the Seven Colored Earths. It’s a vast rainbow-colored area made up of undulating sand dunes, creating an extraordinary spectacle. The island is also known for its abundant marine life, lush rainforests, and dramatic mountain peaks.


Whether you choose to explore the enchanting islands of Fiji, the spiritual mecca of Bali, the adventurous landscapes of Hawaii, or the laidback paradise of Mauritius, rest assured that a world of wonders awaits.

So, pack your bags, grab your sunscreen, and set sail to discover the island that most resembles New Caledonia. With picturesque landscapes, tropical charm, and a hint of adventure, these islands will leave you with memories that will last a lifetime. Happy exploring!

Last modified: 12 July 2023

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