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No doubt the islands of Caledonia has abundant rivers, lakes, and lagoons offering enthusiasts of water sports many exciting memories. For others who aren’t ardent fans of splashing, surfs and waves you might want to ask a question of how to stay busy in New Caledonia without doing something involving the sea.

Don’t give up and jump at the first chance to grab the welcome offer from Genting and play casino games. There are several exciting in-land sports you can participate in! Also, we’ve covered water sports in New Caledonia in this article, if you want to read more about them.

Every inch of New Caledonia both land and sea contain hidden treasures waiting for adventurers to explore. Fauna and flora, the fields, forests hills and valleys of the region form an essential part of the beautiful environment waiting to be explored through various sports:


New Caledonia offers you an unbeatable array of trails, paths and hiking routes with breathtaking views of the beautiful landscape as you take a walk through.

The southern Grande Randonee hiking route takes you through a seven stage journey beginning from ancient village of Prony to the very peak of the central mountain chains through the former mining village of Dumbea, then deep into the blue river province park.

While the northern GR route also takes you on an expedition through creeks, rivers, and waterfalls.  A hiking trip through New Caledonia will take you from the lush vegetation into drier wooded forests which Are home to several unique species exclusive to the region all for your admiration.

Mountain biking:

From the city and its surroundings into the hilly inner regions, enjoy a ride through the rough trails of the new Caledonian mainland.

Although without the excitement of winding paths or cycling through thick vegetation, hikers can still enjoy several kilometers of biking within the big cities. Rougher trails, however, exist through the cascading landscape on dry red earth and green paths of the forest. Bikers can enjoy a ride through trails as long as 50Km and climbs of several hundreds of Km to keep your calves in perfect shape.

Horse riding:

There are over 20,000 horses all over New Caledonia both in the wild and domesticated. Apart from their competitive use, one of the best ways to explore the region is to do so on horsebacks reaching places that cannot be reached by foot.

You can choose to climb the arduous slopes of the Caledonian mountain chains and discover breathtaking vantage points overlooking the vast plains.  

Apart from the heights you can take a ride by the shores as well trotting happily with your mount through an expense of beautiful beaches. You can also spend a day with the natives, cow tracking typical cowboy style on your saddle.


With an experienced guide, you can make a hunting trip through the rich forests and grasslands and enjoy a good hunt in the open country. However, this just like other sporting activity must be done with utmost respect for nature. You will not only return home with a kill but also with images of the amazing Caledonian natural habitats.

Aside from individual sports, check out our list of 4 sporting events happening in New Caledonia!

Last modified: 20 December 2019

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