4 Reasons Why You Should Visit New Caledonia At Least Once


New Caledonia is many things, but ordinary is not one of them. The paradise-like location and it’s connections to France have created the surroundings that make any traveler feel like they have gone to Paris but with beautiful, sandy beaches. Moreover, the Kanak people are eager to show you their hospitality and extraordinary traditions if you decide to spend some time in one of the local villages. And to top it all, their food is simply surreal. The mixture of perfect seafood, fish, venison, but also amazing wines and coffee will leave any adventurist feeling mesmerized.

There are a plethora of reasons why you should visit New Caledonia at least once in your lifetime, but here we will joust point out to those that we found the most appealing. 

The Heart of Voh

If you are not afraid of height and flying, then you should definitely go and see the Heart of Voh or Coeur de Voh.

Located north of Koné, this mangrove swamp has become a real sensation all over the world due to the shapes that have naturally formed. One of those designs is a perfectly shaped heart form that can be seen from the air or by climbing Mt. Kathépaïk.

Le Parc des Grandes Fougères

Just above Farino, there is a hidden treasure for any birdwatching fan that awaits to be discovered. The mountains hide a 4500-hectares of rich tropical rainforest that are just loaded with flora and fauna. If you are interested in encountering native birds that will fascinate you, this is the spot. Moreover, any avid hiker will also find that this location is a paradise on Earth since it offers different tracks ranging from 45 minutes to six hours. So, you better pack your most comfortable pair of shoes, because these will be the hikes you don’t want to miss.

Anse Vata

Just where you need to go to have a perfect beach photo. Anse Vata bay is an absolute must-see for any traveler who visits Nouméa. The vibrant beach located between two large rocks is rich with pedestrian pathways, but also with fantastic hotels, bars, restaurants, shops, and night clubs. So you can spend your day taking a long stroll from Rocher César to Rocher à la voile while watching windsurfers perform a spectacular show. Take a break from your walk by relaxing under a coconut tree, or if you are in need of some exercise take advantage of the workout area. And afterward, enjoy a delicious meal or drink with a breathtaking view of this marvelous beach. Anse Vata is what you need for a perfect summer day.

Pont de Mouli

It can seem a bit strange that we should put a bridge on our list. But this is no ordinary bridge. The bridge is set over the bluest water surrounded by the pearl-white sand shore. The water under the bridge is filled with fish, turtles, and even an occasional shark. The breathtaking experience from this bridge is even more augmented with the fact that for the locals this is only a road and an excellent spot from which they can jump into the channel. 

Last modified: 7 October 2020

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